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​成為風景, 2022
To become the landscape, 2022


高清錄像; 鋁梯; 砂磚
HD video; Aluminium ladder; Bricks
Dimensions Variable

在這部作品中,藝術家通過其過往從事新聞攝影時使用鋁梯的經驗,製作此錄像裝置。 鄭氏試圖觀察自身與景觀間在錄像中的對峙,並將之與拍攝當刻的身體經驗作對照, 探求因凝視而生的主體和對象,如何在迎風的平面之上被溶解。




The artist created this video installation through his experience of using aluminum ladder at work as a photojournalist. In the video, Cheng attempts to observe the confrontation between himself and the landscape, juxtaposing that with his bodily experience at the moment of video shooting. On the surface where breeze blows across, he explores how the subject and object, produced by gazes, dissolve.


'If I could become the landscape, I would be gazing at myself as I gaze at the landscape.'

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