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鄭子峰為聲音掏腰包「藝術家支援計劃」2022 – 23(特別策劃)獲選藝術家。

Jeff Cheng obtained his bachelor from the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University and lately a graduate from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  After years of recognition from worldwide photography competitions, Cheng is now currently experimenting with other forms apart from documentary photography. In his years-long devotion in photojournalism, he has discovered that the bodily experience gained from the scene is often forgotten while capturing the symbols. In efforts to complete his own visual sentences, Cheng is currently observing the nature of the object itself.


Jeff Cheng is supported by soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme 2022–23 (Special Edition).


Exhibitions and Programmes:

'Giving Meaninglessness' supported by Osage Art Foundation, 2023

soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme (Special Edition), 2023

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble - Sonic-Visual Interplay: CoLab artists, 2023

'Citrus Worlds' by Asia Society Hong Kong Center in Art Central, 2023

'Moment by Moment’ , Master of Arts in Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition, 2022

Para Site - Studio + Archive Project, 2022

'Volume of silence', Wure Area, 2021

Affordable Art Fair by Art Together, 2021


Osage Art Award - Best in MA Show 2022
Chu's Academic Achievement Award 2022

WMA Photography Award for Graduates (Moving Image) 2022

The Cactus Prize 2022

Taiwan Press Photo Contest 2021 - Photo of the year/ First prize in General News category

Focus on the Frontline 2020 photo competition - Third place in General News category

Annual Photography Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention in Photojournalism

Taiwan Press Photo Contest 2020 - Third place in Photo Essay category

PX3 2020 - Honorable Mention in Press/General News - Professional category

Neutral Density Photography Awards 2020 - Third place and Honorable Mention in Editorial: General News category Chromatic Awards 2020 - First prize in Photojournalism - Professional category

One Eyeland Awards 2019 - Bronze award in Editorial category

Focus on the Frontline 2018 photo competition - Honorable Mention in Sports category




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