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目障, 2021
Sight Barrier, 2021

Single-channel video, barricade flasher lights
Dimensions Variable

藝術家選用「一名男子正作呼喊」的錄像和日常可見的馬路閃燈,將其安置於展場中心:觀眾若要繼續觀賞展場後半的其他作品,便必須跨過這拼了命閃爍的《目障》,而當跨越者完成之後的展覽行程,他/ 她需再跨越之。


A video titled “A Man Is Shouting" and numerous flasher lights are placed in the center of an exhibition space. If viewers wish to view other works, they must physically step across the flashing “sight barrier”; and upon
completing the exhibition, they have to step across the obstacles again.


"The sound is only silenced as you lift your leg, so please go across this offbeat sight barrier/ And you must turn back and step across, because it will eventually break through the surrounding white walls."

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