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Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung, Li Hiuwa: ʻArtificial/ Stateʼ

Delamination, 202
A set of five digital prints, tiles
《地景》, 2022
Landscape, 2022
A set of three archival inkjet prints

作為「工作室 + 文獻庫計劃」的一部分,展覽「人為/狀態」以藏在 Para Site 的檔案資料作為起點,邀請鄭子峰及李曉華在駐場期間回顧廿五年來的䈕案資料,讓兩位以攝影為創作媒介的藝術家重新詮釋歷史記憶及探討時間性。 是次展覽由高穎琳策劃。




廿五年累積的檔案經歷了時間,實體物質受環境影響而衰落,形而上 的精神及理念亦經歷了轉折,或產生出多元性和複雜性。兩人在駐場期間對攝影作為創作媒介及文獻庫的性質有深入的反思:人們為何需要記錄?影像作品是否必須存在指涉物?攝影有限的截取能否有效地紀實?文獻庫之於時間的意義為何?是次展覽以「非直接截取主體的方式」構成攝影作品的經驗,或許能實驗其中的一些觀點。



As part of the ʻStudio + Archive Projectʼ , the exhibition ʻArtificial / Stateʼ departs from the Para Site Archive and invites Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung and Li Hiuwa, two artists working with photography as their primary medium, to look back on 25 years of archival material in order to reinterpret historical memory and to explore temporality. The exhibition is curated by Kobe Ko.


Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung rephotographs archival images using macro photography, and attempts to displace these images from their original contexts through repeated reproduction. The new images are processed, with visible evidence of tampering, and then rephotographed once more. Through the artistʼ s repeated interference with the images, their original significance is broken down and reconstructed, magnifying the distance between historical memory and reality.


Accumulated over 25 years, physical materials in the archive have decayed, whereas the inherent spirit and concepts have transformed on a metaphysical level to produce pluralities and ambiguities. The two artists have been contemplating both photography as a medium as well as the nature of archives: What is the purpose of documentation? Must an image have a referent? How effective is photography as a form of documentation given its limited scope? What is the significance of an archive in the context of time? Through ʻindirect capturingʼ of their subjects, the photographic works in the exhibition are attempts in exploring some of these questions.

檔案是記憶的累積,也是記憶的遺失——談 Para Site 展覽「人為/狀態」

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