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太平, 2023
With all flatness, 2023

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12.10 – 19.11.2023
EJAR 東玉藝興
Room A, 4/F, SIL 635 A Kung Ngam, Shau Kei Wan




‘With All Flatness’ is a creation that seeks tranquillity amid chaos, and a way out from these flat surfaces.

By removing the sole narration from the visual documentary, the artist wishes to curate a unique piece of artwork where the audience can link it to their own experiences in life through a series of symbols. After all, all of us can recover from the pain of life, just as the artist wishes to move on from his traumas exposed in news photography.



Queer love, a comment on mental health in Hong Kong, a new father’s reflections on family as Hong Kong International Photo Festival returns












(節錄自 soundpocket 聲音掏腰包「藝術家支援計劃」創作日誌)


Due to the indefinable and untraceable nature, all images open up endless possibilities before being observed. I crave for my actions and experiences generated from the processes of capturing, examining, editing and installing these images to be canceled out, in order to break free from narratives and embrace a greater universe. Here in this piece, what you see is simultaneously missing definitions. The memories left shattered - with that burning car, that wild dash on the highway, that trickle of tears shedding on your face and that of the things you forgot when you were ill - all lead to nowhere; why not turn them into our own whispers?


Meaninglessness is like,

the attempt of documenting everything trustily;

the yearn for being understood,

the writing, and

making art.


Driving aimlessly allows me to mourn on the most beautiful light in this world - the light that is constantly dissolving and binding with everything unmasks the desperate cries from the sufferings, of that should have been drowned out by gunfire and restlessness.


I can no longer stop creating more images, perhaps. But I have learnt to listen, to touch, and to accept myself, who becomes inescapable in life. And only because of that, I can move on.

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